Voice of the Village – VoV

Project summary

Migration to larger cities or to the prospering territories of Europe causes significant problems both in Hungary and in Serbia. In the small and medium sized towns of the programme area it is an everyday social problem that major portion of the young and educated population leaves its hometown, location of its schooling.

Project aims

Our project in line with the overall aim of the Programme, wants to strengthen cultural ties in the programme area through activities resulting in intense cultural, and research interaction. A sustainable cooperation with Serbian and Hungarian civil organizations, the fostering of strong local identity is a key objective of our project. A major result will be the exchange of experience on handling migration processes and the elaboration of common solutions on the problem. With the setting up of local Spiritual Information Points the partners envisage the creation of a best practise that may be utilised by other organizations as well.

Other core activities, such as the development of a methodology, carrying out surveys and data collection also form the basis of our project. Effective means of sustaining identity and traditions of local communities are events and exhibitions. During the implementation of our project both workshops and conferences, as well as a travelling exhibition will serve the dissemination of the results of the project. Our primary target group, the local communities of the four locations of implementation hence will have a possibility to step forward and introduce their values to the wider public on both sides of the border. In the meantime those who have migrated will have the chance to reintegrate and introduce themselves to their ancient local community.

Methodology and thematic fields

Three methodologies will be applied through the research:
  • processing the micro-regional and macro analysis’s, and the related bibliography
  • examination of the migration and re-migration processes of The Great Plain and Vojvodina during the last 20 years, and process of socio-statistical data.
  • Introduction of the society of migrants and re-migrants.

Results of the Project

As a result of the activities carried out by the partners responsible for the implementation of VoV 4 documents will be prepared. Key outputs are a handbook to aid the aligned operation of the Spiritual Information Points (SIPs) and a methodology of the institutionalization of keeping contact with those originated in the towns. Basic migration processes and tendencies in the Serbian and Hungarian side of the Great Plain will also be unravelled. Local surveys will be carried out in the 4 partner towns to analyse local identity and migrational motivation.
On four locations we will set up Spiritual Information Points equipped with suitable furniture and office infrastructure. A travelling exhibition will be organized to introduce the most acknowledged people of the four settlements engaged with the project. Posters can be seen on events organized by the settlements, where the appearance of those who left the towns is expected (Day of the Village etc.).

The material of the travelling exhibition will be displayed in the house where the Than Brothers were born. The result of the project will be an interactive information database, forming the basis of contact building in the future.

As a long term result of the project, the capability to build up sustainable relationship with the migrants will be built. The homepage of the project will be operated after the implementation phase by the Academic Society for the Development of the Micro-regions and the Institute for Hungarian Culture in Vojvodina. The project will be opened and closed with a conference. jastuci

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